Ahmadiyya Youth Festival objected by Residents

Source, Farnham Herald

MORE than 70 residents have objected to the temporary change of use of land south of Grange Road in Tilford for a two-day youth event, with only 17 in support. The application (WA/2017/0903) is for the use of land for a youth event run by MKA, the youth arm of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Communities between September 15 to 17. The festival, which encourages youths to participate in educational and sporting activities, has been running annually for 30 years on another nearby site at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, Islamabad in Sheephatch Lane.However, this is no longer possible, which is why the event has requested permission to host the event at the new location in Grange Road. Residents object on the grounds that it will lead to an increase in traffic problems, and that the festival may ruin the current “area of outstanding natural beauty with all its protected wildfire and fauna that everyone has worked hard for many years to nurture”. A Rushmoor resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said that many residents only heard about this application because the Farnham Herald covered it in June: “We’ve never been consulted by Waverley Borough Council, and yet we’re probably the people most affected by the application. Only four people have been consulted and two of those are employees of the applicant and live in his houses (tenants), the other two are very elderly. “It’s been stirred up in a big way, and we have submitted letters of objection. It’s very serious, and they’re applying for an annual application.


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