Wonder women: South Asia’s female freedom fighters

Source: CNN

Their fight began as early as the late 19th century, when some took to the battlefields and one queen even led an armed rebellion against the British.
They also fought a domestic battle against oppressive traditions, such as sati (the burning of a wife on her husband’s funeral pyre) and child marriage. Sadly, the latter still exists today.
These women did not have it easy — they were some of the worst victims of the traumatic events that took place in south Asia in the mid-20th century. It’s reported that 75,000 women were abducted and raped during partition, the division that separated Pakistan from India, which took place at the same time as independence in August 1947.
From setting up a secret radio station to running for president when it was perceived to be a man’s role, these are some of the empowering stories that are often left untold.

Categories: Asia, India, Pakistan

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