Roaring back

Source: Dawn

Good for him, good for Nawaz. The tree of democracy must be refreshed from time to time with a jalsa or two. Too late for Nawaz to save his job, but at least something different to the dire, soulless stuff that had come before. Sadly, now that it’s over, the serious business resumes. What does it all mean?Let’s not kid ourselves: nobody knows. The problem with judicial ousters is that no matter how political the verdict, there’s never an indication of what comes next. Because judges don’t rule, they only arbitrate. By definition a reactive institution — the judiciary can only rule on a dispute that is brought to it, even in the world of political suo motu — and by convention a slow-moving one, the judiciary can’t match the raw pace of politics. Nawaz’s ouster was a judicial grenade lobbed into the political arena, presumably with the hope that when the dust settles, some kind of desirable new configuration emerges. But Nawaz reacted unpredictably and GT Road has reacted even more unpredictably.


Categories: Asia, Pakistan, Political, Politics

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