‘Europe must not follow Trump’s military build-up logic’: a chat with Merkel’s main election rival

Source: The Local

'Europe must not follow Trump's military build-up logic': a chat with Merkel's main election rival

Angela Merkel’s main rival in the upcoming election opened up this week in an interview about the balance between freedom and security, as well as about what Europe’s military strategy should be. Six weeks before Germany’s national election in which Merkel will seek a fourth term, her main rival Martin Schulz is lagging behind in the polls.In the most recent survey at the end of July by Stern, RTL and Forsa Institute, Schulz sank to his lowest level of support since being nominated as the Social Democrats’ (SPD) chancellor candidate. Just 21 percent of respondents said that hypothetically speaking, they would choose Schulz if they were able to vote directly for him. This was compared to 52 percent who said the same for Merkel.Schulz spoke recently with the founder of the initiative Faces of Democracy, Sven Lilienström, to discuss democracy, freedom and security, and how Europe should respond to increased pressure from US President Donald Trump to invest more in its own defence. The SPD leader has not been shy in the past about his feelings about the American President. But come September 24th, will his anti-Trump stance be enough to oust Merkel as chancellor?

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