Statue Of Scopes Trial Lawyer Sparks Debate In Tennessee

Source: NPR

In 1925, the Scopes Trial sparked national debates about creationism and secularism, and put Dayton, Tenn., on the map. Now another debate is happening in Dayton about whether it’s appropriate to memorialize the secular side with a statue.


William Jennings Bryan prosecuted John Scopes for teaching evolution more than 90 years ago. The courthouse where that trial happened still brings tourists to Dayton, Tenn. Later this week, there will be something new to see there. A group of atheists and agnostics will unveil a monument to honor the defense attorney in the case. From member station WUTC, Michael Edward Miller reports.

MICHAEL EDWARD MILLER, BYLINE: The trial is part of Kirby Garrison’s family lore.

KIRBY GARRISON: That was my great-grandparents’ first date – going to the trial. The Monkey Trial is what they called it.

MILLER: Garrison co-owns Monkey Town Brewing Company, a brewpub and pool hall near the courthouse. Evolution IPA is on tap. Photos of the trial’s famous attorneys hang on a wall.

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