Gambia: Ahmadiyya Muslim Amir Baba F Trawally’s Message: Tolerance, Mercy & Unity — A Quality Of Righteousness



All praise belongs to Allah Almighty Who has blessed us with the Holy Month of Ramadan and has enabled us to come to the end of this year’s Ramadan. He has prescribed the fasting that we may attain Taqwa (protection from sin), exalt Him for guiding us and that we may also be grateful to Him. We also invoke His boundless blessings and mercy upon the best of creation, the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad Mustafa (saw) whose heart was the kingdom of Taqwa.

During the blessed Holy  Month of Ramadan, as Muslims, we all exercised the greatest act of mercy, piety, righteousness, charitability, generosity, love, care, kindness, peace, brotherliness and friendship etc all to win the pleasure and the nearness of Allah Almighty. May Allah Almighty accept all our sacrifices. Ameen.

As the Holy Month of Ramadan is the month of Charity, in which we spent out of our wealth and belongings for the welfare of the poor and needy, such acts of goodness should always continue throughout the year, not just during the blessed Holy Month of Ramadan. We should always be helpful to the poor, needy and the weak amongst us. Doing so is when we can truly fulfill the spirit of the Blessed Holy Month of Ramadan

We should always remember that as Muslims throughout our lives, we should always be tolerant and kind towards not just our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, but also to other people in … read more at source.

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