An Invitation to the ‘Real’ Secrets of the Holy Qur’an

Editorial of the Spring 2010 Volume of the Muslim Sunrise

Islam has been attacked by many over the last few centuries. Several prejudiced, so called “scholars” have sarcastically and offensively selected some verses of the Holy Qur’an and expounded their own thoughts. New opportunities have been offered to some of these “scholars” since the September 11 attacks. The West wants to know about Islam and what it represents. In this environment anyone who can Google the words Islam, Jihad, Muhammad and Qur’an pretends to be a “scholar” and an “expert” on Islam. As Westerners often lack true knowledge of Islam, they accept whatever is written by these Google scholars.

The issues raised in many of these Islamophobic books are the same which have been repeatedly stated over the centuries by the opponents of Islam. One such book is “Secrets of the Koran” by Don Richardson, a Christian preacher. There is nothing particular or special about this book. It displays the same old thoughts of hatred, personal frustrations with a misunderstood religion and conveys to the West the “expertise” and “unique findings” in one’s “research”. We have selected this book merely as a model and example
to go over all the issues that have been brought up and to respond to them in the current
issue. There is a book review on Secrets of the Koran in our Winter 2009 issue that our readers can refer to on our website (It is available online here also: Muslim Sunrise 2009 Winter volume).

Our main goal is to present to Americans the issues raised in this book because they cover nearly all the issues that so called scholars publicize in their books.

The Western public really only has one choice and that is to read about the faith of Islam
on their own from Muslim sources and not the Google scholars of this age who have
their own agendas. In fact, Mr. Richardson in his book has ruled that not just Islam but
Hinduism and Buddhism are also incompatible with Western thought. Christianity is the only path. That verdict renders the Jewish faith irrelevant as well. It is amazing to note that the religious tolerance that the Western people present to the world is nowhere to be found in Mr. Richardson’s books or any other books like his.

We hope that readers would gain positive knowledge from this issue on the subjects that
they have been bombarded with about Islam. We welcome any questions, remarks and
exchange of ideas from readers of all faiths.

We are especially thankful to one of our staff writers, Ms. Lubna Roohi Malik, who diligently worked on this issue and coordinated with all the other writers.

Read the volume online here: 2010_spring

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