Watch: How Muslims awake for Ramadan helped save lives in London tower blaze

Londoners have said Muslims awake for Ramadan may have helped save a lot of lives

  • Smoke and flames billow from a massive fire that raged in a 27-floor high-rise apartment building in London, WImage Credit: AP
  • People react near a tower block severely damaged by a serious fire, in north Kensington, West London, BritainImage Credit: Reuters
  • Flames and smoke billow as firefighters deal with a serious fire in a tower block at Latimer Road in West LonImage Credit: REUTERS
  • A screengrab from the fire at Grenfell Tower in West London.Image Credit: Twitter
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Published: 15:03 June 15, 2017

Daily Telegraph

A day after the horrific blaze at Grenfell Tower that killed 12 residents, Londoners are saying that Muslims awake for Ramadan might have helped save a lot of lives.

Residents have told the Independent of how they didn’t hear alarms as the fire swept through the 24-storey tower block in West London.

But they were instead alerted to the blaze by fellow residents, some of whom may have been Muslim people who were awake early in the morning because of Ramadan and were among the first to notice the fire.


The fire broke out not long after midnight and when many people living inside the tower block were asleep.

Muslims were among the first people on the scene as people were evacuated from Grenville Tower.

Andre Barroso, 33, told The Independent: “Muslims played a big part in getting a lot of people out.

“Most of the people I could see were Muslim. They have also been providing food and clothes.”



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