Plastic to outweigh fish in the sea if waste keeps flowing

More than 5tr pieces of plastic floating in world’s oceans, with more hidden in the guts of marine creatures

  • A beach in the Azores is pictured littered with plastic garbage, in this undated handout photo obtained by ReuImage Credit:
  • ReutersAbove: A boy collects plastic for resale at Marunda beach in Jakarta. Below: A beach in the Azores isImage Credit:
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Published: 21:30 June 16, 2017Gulf News



Fresh from a gruelling sea journey of more than seven hours negotiating 38.6 kilometres of the world’s busiest shipping lanes on a paddle board, Lizzie Carr is on a mission.



She recently became the first woman to cross the English Channel solo on the flimsy stand-up craft, to draw attention to the “global plastic crisis”.

From fishing lines to flip flops, there are more than five trillion pieces of plastic floating in the world’s oceans, according to a 2014 study published in a Public Library of Science journal.


Plastic degrades over time into tiny particles known as microplastics which can be ingested by marine life, together with plastic microbeads used in toiletries and other household products, harming the food chain and environment.

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  1. I am glad that ‘my beach’ in Lombok, Indonesia, is not so bad. May be because we are in the straight between Bali and Lombok and not the open ocean?

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