How the First Woman to Run the Boston Marathon Is Still Running Marathons at 70

Source: Time

By Katie Reilly

When Kathrine Switzer crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 1967, it was remarkable because she was a woman — the first to run the race as an official entrant. When she crossed the same finish line 50 years later, it was remarkable because she was 70.

Switzer, who built a career on challenging gender stereotypes in sports, said she is now focused on tackling “the frontier of aging.” She will participate this week in the National Senior Games presented by Humana, a competitive sporting event for men and women over the age of 50 where she plans to run the 10K road race.

“The biggest tip is to realize you’re never too old, big, slow, unattractive — anything else — to be an athlete because the body always wants to be an athlete, and it will respond to any amount of work in a positive way,” Switzer told TIME.

Her return to the Boston Marathon in April marked 50 years since a marathon official attempted to push her off the course after discovering she was a woman. The mood this year couldn’t have been more different.

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