Erdogan sides with Doha, approves deployment of Turkish troops to Qatar

Source: Dawn

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has approved legislation for increased military cooperation with Qatar, including a deal for the deployment of Turkish troops there.

The move is a sign of support for the Gulf state in its dispute with its regional neighbours. The legislation, which also foresees cooperation in military training, was rapidly passed in parliament on Wednesday, a day after Erdogan openly sided with Qatar and criticised other Gulf countries’ moves to isolate it. Erdogan approved the legislation late on Thursday, his office said. It was published in the Official Gazette on Friday.




Categories: Asia, Qatar, Turkey

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  1. An other nail in the coffin. This is what US and West wants. Fuel fight with in Muslim countries. Few wise Germans often ask does Islamic world is totally void of reasonable leaders. Why Muslim countries become puppet in the hands of US and Western nations. Oft they quote Ahmadiyya Supreme Head who is struggling hard to advise Muslim leaders for peace among Muslim nations. The Germans opine positively about his golden advises for global peace and urge Muslim leaders to follow these advises. According to them even in the presence of religious ideological differences one can listen and follow advises if these are logical and good.

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