Since the London attack, 241 people have been shot in the US – but you won’t find Trump talking about that

Of course, most of these gun deaths aren’t committed by Muslims, so it doesn’t really serve the President’s agenda

The nectarine Neanderthal is at it again. In the wake of the London Bridge and Borough Market terrorist attacks, Donald Trump tweeted that “we are not having a gun debate right now” because the terrorists “used knives and a truck”.

This is, of course, factually accurate. But, as Michael Moore pointed out yesterday, since the London attack on Saturday, approximately 241 Americans have been killed by guns – a number likely higher in the 24 hours since he tweeted this statistic from Every Town Research, a think tank dedicated to tracking gun violence in America.

In fact, by the US government’s own reckoning, between 2001 and 2014, only 369 Americans were killed by terrorism at home or abroad, whilst a staggering 440,095 were killed by guns on American soil alone. Doing the maths, that means Americans are 1,193 times more likely to be killed by a gun than in a terrorist incident.


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  1. That is why while in Baghdad some Americans used to say ‘I do not know why the Iraqis are complaining about the few daily death here, back home we have more than that every night…

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