New Zealand: Kiwi Ahmadiyya Muslim community condemns London attack


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has spoken out condemning the yesterday’s terrorist attack in London “in the strongest possible terms”.

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A group of men drove a van into a crowd of people on London Bridge on Saturday night.

The men then jumped out of the car near Borough Market and began stabbing people nearby with 30cm hunting knives. Seven people died.

Twelve people were arrested in east London on Sunday in connection with the attack.

The Ahmadiyya president Bashir Khan called the attack “heinous and utterly barbaric” and it was completely opposed to the teachings of Islam. He said they believe that Ahmadiyya Muslim’s motto is “love for all, hatred for none”.

“As Muslims, we are devastated and grief-stricken by this attack and condemn it in the strongest possible terms.

“Our hearts and prayers go out to those who have been affected, the bereaved and the victims themselves.

“May Allah have mercy on all of them and may the cruelties of those people who are carrying out these atrocities come to an end.”

Khan said they would continue to highlight how terrorism has nothing in common with true Islamic teachings.

“We will not let the terrorists divide us.

“Instead, we will stand united against all forms of terrorism and hate, and continue to highlight that these actions and the perpetrators have nothing in common with the true Islamic teachings and the vast majority of the Muslims worldwide.’

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community spans more than 209 countries with membership exceeding tens of millions.

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