Pakistan: Two accused sentenced to 12 years jail, and heavy fine for publishing prohibited books

Displaying IMG-20170601-WA0001.jpgInsaf Newspaper June 1, 2017  ….. Idris Ahmad and Saba Zafar sentenced to 12 years of rigorous imprisonment, with RS 200,000 each fine under 298B PPC. Faisababad special court Judge Muhammad Khalik Naz decision. Seven others were set free. Amir Fahim, Zahid Mahmood, Ihsan Allah Danish, Nafis Ahmad, Rashed Mahmood, Abdus Samee, & Shahid Mahmood

Displaying IMG-20170601-WA0003.jpgKhatme Nabuwwat Lawyers Forum is congratulated for their bravery

Displaying IMG-20170601-WA0004.jpg

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