Why Are Black People Obsessed With The Bible That Was Used To Enslave Them?

Source: Modern Ghana

BY Jean Gasho

When I became a born-again Christian in 2008, I started studying the bible word for word. I would spend hours a day reading all commentaries for all the verses I studied.

The more I studied the bible the more I realized that most of the Christians around me did not believe everything that was in the bible. It was either they did not know half of the bible or they knew and chose to ignore. As a person who always thought deeply about things, it was crystal clear to me that half of the bible was very disturbing to the human mind. If today people lived by the bible rules from Genesis to Revelation, they would be deemed mentally unstable, barbaric or even evil.

If a man raped a woman, their punishment was to marry the woman by paying a dowry to the father. It was irrelevant whether the woman loved the man or not. There was no such thing as human rights as we know today. In wars, the Israelites would kill their enemies, including the women and children without mercy, and would take the virgins to be their wives.

Bible character Lot offered his own virgin daughters to be gang-raped by men of Sodom so that the angels of the Lord would be spared. But in the eyes of God, he was a righteous man.

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  1. The slavery of Black Africans were justified by Christian Church centuries ago by utilizing the curse of Noah on his son, Ham. On the contrary, Ibn Khaldun gives a scientific explanation for human color variation.

    Please see the quote from Ibn Khaldun’s Muquaddimah. I have quoted it in my book “Islamic Theory of Evolution The Missing Link between Darwin and Origin of Species.”

    “Genealogists who had no knowledge of the true nature of things imagined that Negroes were the children of Ham, the son of Noah, and they were singled out to be black as a result of Noah’s curse, which produces Ham’s color and slavery of God inflicted upon his descendants. . . . The black skin common to the inhabitants of the first and second zones [Ibn Khaldun divided northern hemisphere of the earth into seven north zones. The first zone runs along equator and is followed to the north successively by the second through seventh zones.] is the result of the composition of air in which they live, and which comes about under the influence of the greatly increased heat in the south. The sun is at the zenith there twice a year at short intervals. In all seasons, the sun is in culmination for a long time. The light of the sun, therefore, is plentiful. People there go through a very severe summer, and their skins turn black because of excessive heat.”

  2. I would challenge the comment ‘their skins turn black because of excessive heat’. Humans who have evolved in the equator belt around the globe have a higher level of melanin in their skin to cope with the excessive heat in that area, and are born with skin coloured to suit the climatic conditions, namely very dark or black; this is the case in Africa as well as Southern India, through to Australia and Pacific regions. And that means the further away from the equator the lighter the skin colour, because the sun’s rays are not so strong, therefore less melanin protection required.

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