The countries that cane their convicts

Source: BBC

Two men are due to be caned in public after they were caught in bed together in Aceh, Indonesia.

The men will each receive 85 lashes in public, as punishment under the strict Islamic laws used in Aceh.

It is the only Indonesian province where Sharia is in force. According to human rights campaign group Amnesty International, 108 people were punished for various offences in 2015.

Their offences ranged from gambling to alcohol, adultery and public displays of intimacy outside of marriage.

Pictures of these public punishments – designed to humiliate as much as to injure – show people being led onto a raised platform, and made to kneel or stand as a hooded man beats them with a long, thin cane while a large crowd watches.

Caning is considered so barbaric that Amnesty says it could be considered akin to torture.

But flogging as a punishment for transgressions in countries where Islamic laws are followed is relatively common.


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  1. With true perception, cane punishment for adultery is mentioned in holy scripture of Islam. However in order to prove the crime 4 witnesses are required to testify who by themselves have never committed such crime. Those awarding probably forget the essential part prior to awarding such punishments.

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