Children among the dead as death toll rises to 22 after Ariana Grande Manchester bombing

A suicide bomber deliberately chose the place where he could cause ‘maximum carnage’ when he detonated a bomb at a pop concert in Manchester, the Prime Minister has said.

Theresa May said ‘many’ children and young people were among the 22 dead and 59 injured in the attack.

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  1. Donald Trump, in his inaugural address as President of USA, said that he would work for complete eradication of ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ from the surface of the earth.
    What is Radical Islam he is referring to? Does it include ‘terrorism’, as he mischievously implies?

    History is witness to an extraordinarily shining example of Radical Islam set by none other than Prophet Muhammad (peace on him) himself! For 13 long years, his own people at Makkah had relentlessly harassed the Prophet just because he declared, ‘There is no god but Allah!’ Then they – the Makkans – had sent armies to eradicate the nascent Islamic State at Medina, á la our Donald now, from the surface of the earth, but without success of course! And when the Prophet later marched triumphantly into Makkah, he pardoned all his arch enemies there!! There was no mass massacre, no raping of women on a massive scale, and no massive destruction of public properties, as routinely done by modern national armies when they conquer neighbouring territories!!!

    That was the true exhibition of Radical Islam! Peace, mercy, goodwill, justice towards one and all!

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