Bangladesh: Three women of Ahmadiyya Muslim community honoured for their exceptional bravery


Three Mymensingh women honoured for bravery in arrest of militant suspect

 Achhia Khatun, Most Ayatunnessa and Minara Khatun addressing the press on Tuesday, after being awarded by the police for their exceptional bravery in the arrest of a militant suspect in Ishwarganj upazila of Mymensingh.

Mosammat Ayatunnessa along with Achhia Khatun and Minara Khatun tied up a fleeing militant until police arrived

Three women of the Ahmadiyya community have been honoured in two separate programmes for their exceptional bravery in the arrest of a suspected militant in Ishwarganj upazila of Mymensingh.

They are Achhia Khatun, Mosammat Ayatunnessa and Minara Khatun.

Mymensingh Superintendent of Police (SP) Syed Nurul Islam awarded each of the three with Tk5,000 and a sari at a ceremony at the Mymensingh  Police Lines on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Deputy Inspector General of Police (Mymensingh range) Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun, also gave them each Tk5,000 and a sari in another programme at his office the same day.

According to SP Nurul Islam, three miscreants believed to be militants brutally attacked Mostafizur Rahman, an Imam of a mosque belonging to the Ahmadiyya community, with bladed weapons after the Isha prayers on May 8.

When one of the attackers, Mohammed Hossain Ahad, fled to Ayatunnessa’s home adjacent to the mosque after attacking the Imam, she along with Achhia and Minara captured the fleeing miscreant and detained him with rope until police arrived, the SP said.

“The two other militants have been identified. We are still trying to catch them,” the SP further said.

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