Bangladesh: Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat holds press conference in Dhaka – blames religious extremists for attack on Imam


AMJ,B blames religious extremists


Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Bangladesh holds a press conference at its office at Bakshi Bazar in Dhaka on Friday decrying the lack of security for its community members. — New Age photo

Ahamadiyya Muslim Jama’at Bangladesh on Friday claimed that the May 8 attack on the imam of an Ahmadiyya mosque in Mymensingh was committed by the religious extremists as a part of conspiracy against Bangladesh.

AMJ,B, muballigh in-charge Abdul Awwal Khan Chowdhury, made the claim in a press conference at its office at Bakshi Bazar in the capital and also demanded arrest of all involved in the attack.

He said that they came to know that all the three ‘extremist attackers’ were students of Darus Sunnah Zafaria Madrasah at Ishwarganj in Mymensingh and questioned the environment and education system of the madrasah for raising such ‘extremists’.

Claiming the Ahmadiyyas as ‘real Muslims’, he claimed that the ‘traders of religion’ consider them to be eyesores as they always oppose the ideology of ‘extremism’ and as the Ahmadiyyas knew the differences between ‘real Islam’ and ‘business Islam’.

Answering queries of reporters, he said that the Ahmadiyyas and their neighborhoods were attacked several times in the past but he never heard that probe into any of them was completed.

‘This (hacking by extremists) is a new pattern,’ he claimed.

He termed the attack as ‘attack against the country’ as well as ‘attack against the spirit of the liberation war’ as the spirit as well as the country’s constitution allows all the individuals to perform religious activities independently.

Addressing the press conference, AMJ,B vice-president Meer Mobashsher Ali observed that the… read more at source.

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