Judge Orders Trump To Turn Over Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Memo

Source: Huffington Post

The Trump administration must turn over a memo and other documents from a commission led by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani that is believed to have laid out ways to “legally” ban Muslims from entering the country, a federal judge ruled on Thursday.


U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts issued the ruling as part of an ongoing lawsuit in the Eastern District of Michigan against President Donald Trump’s second executive order banning travelers from several Muslim-majority countries and suspending the refugee resettlement program. The ban has been blocked in the courts.


The administration has repeatedly said the executive order has nothing to do with religion and does not constitute a “Muslim ban.” But the question of Trump’s intent has come up repeatedly in lawsuits over both the first and second versions of the order — including at a big-stakes hearing earlier this week in Richmond, Virginia.


The directive to turn over what has been dubbed the Giuliani memo came amid a document dispute between the Michigan plaintiffs and the Trump administration, which has urged courts time and again not to consider anything the president or his associates may have said before the travel ban was issued. The administration wants the courts to rely solely on the text of the executive order to assess its legality.

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