REGIONAL VOTE: Glarus open-air assembly rejects burka ban


MAY 7, 2017 – bu
Ticio remains the only Swiss canton to ban burkas
Ticio remains the only Swiss canton to ban burkas(Keystone)

Citizens in canton Glarus have rejected a proposal to outlaw the wearing of a burka in public.

Participants at the traditional open-air assembly in Glarus voted against the proposal launched by a member of the rightwing Swiss People’s Partyexternal link in 2015. Twice as many people rejected the idea than those who supported it with a show of hands.

The result means that Ticino is the only one of Switzerland’s 26 cantons to introduce a burka ban. Ticino voters approved the ban in 2013.

The local People’s Party is the biggest of nine political groups in Glarus, a mountain canton southeast of Zurich, but both the Glarus cantonal government and parliament had recommended that voters reject the proposal.

They argued that it was better to wait and see whether efforts to introduce a nationwide burka ban would be successful.

Had Glarus voters approved the ban, it could have boosted the nationwide campaign to collect the necessary minimum of 100,000 signatures by next September for a vote on a burka ban across Switzerland. with agencies/ug

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  1. Apparently there are two burka-wearing ladies in the Canton of Glarus. Yes, it is silly to make a whole new law for them. Consequently I am glad that the people of Glarus voted against this ban. – Just by the way, my wives do not wear the Burka. Therefore I do not have any ‘personal interest’ in the issue.

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