UK: Ahmadiyya Muslim community Croydon’s interfaith programme seeks to unite all, regardless of faith, ethnicity or religion


An opportunity to reach across Croydon’s faith divide

By – Friday 5th May, 2017

An invitation to faith groups across Croydon to get to know one another better

The current state of the world demands that we integrate with our neighbours, understand their beliefs and way of life and accept them, so that better, stronger and more lasting bonds can be created between all groups in our society. It is for this reason that Croydon’s Ahmadiyya Muslim community organises an interfaith forum each year. Croydon is a diverse, multi-faith community and we seek to build on this asset and strengthen it.

This is an event organised by volunteers, who take pride in bringing Croydon together. Community cohesion and love for all is what Islam teaches, what Christianity teaches and what Hinduism and other faiths teach. We see faith as a path to peace, not as a corridor to conflict.

If we analyse the unrest in our surroundings today, one thing becomes vividly clear – that world needs love more than ever. We also need to educate and inform. This interfaith programme promises to do exactly that. An evening with our neighbours will allow us to understand and exchange positive thoughts, thus building bridges rather than shying away from positivity.

This interfaith programme seeks to unite all, regardless of faith, ethnicity or religion. It will be an evening where everyone and anyone can share the company of their neighbours, learn and discuss and of course build lasting friendships.

Let us promote the universal values of love, peace and unity

Our two previous events have each attracted more than 200 people and it is very important for us at the Ahmadiyya Muslim community to continue to bring people together and open up paths leading to peaceful dialogue within a safe environment, as we endeavour to build bridges and maintain bonds that can flourish with a renewed fervour. We have therefore invited representatives of churches and other community organisations, religious and secular, across Croydon to attend.

If you belong to a group which is interested in attending, the Croydon branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community cordially invites you to the event which will be hosted in collaboration with our respected brothers and sisters at the Ahmadiyya mosque, 59 St James’ Road, Croydon CR0 2US. We would be delighted to make your acquaintance there in support of promoting universal values of love, peace, and unity.

The article has been written in conjunction with Shoaib Ali, Leader AMYA South, Luqman Bajwa, Asifa Ahmad and Kausar Ahmad, president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Ladies’ Association in Croydon. We all extend a cordial invitation.

Adeel Shah

Adeel Shah is a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association. Educated in Croydon, he’s now studying Modern Languages and Theology at Jamia Ahmadiyya. He is training to become a British Imam who aims to promote peace, love, brotherhood, cohesion and serenity within the community. He enjoys working in the community here whenever he has the opportunity and is part of AMYA Croydon who actively take part in litter picking, blood drives, homeless feeding, tree planting, visiting the sick and elderly in hospitals and care homes and much more.

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  1. The Holy Quran is from Allah (SWT) and we all Muslims must follow every commandments mentioned there.
    Quran commands “Do not divide into sects.” Period But there are people call themselves they are Muslims but disobeying Holy Book and divided in several sects like Sunni, Shia, Dev Bandi, Barailvee. Ahle Hadees, Ahmedi and what not Period.
    Quran has thrown such people out of Islam fold and stamped them a bunch of hypocrites.
    Do not trust such enemies of Islam. They are the most dangerous people on face of earth.

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