If Theresa May is happy to call out anti-Semitism in other parties, isn’t it time she addressed Islamophobia in her own?

The number of incidents is truly staggering. These have not, however, been sufficient for the Conservatives to hold an independent inquiry into Islamophobia

It is quite reasonable to expect that in this day and age, all bigotry will be challenged and scrutinised rigorously. But sadly it seems that some forms of bigotry are more acceptable and alive than others.

Last week, the Prime Minister condemned the “questionable record” of David Ward at PMQs, saying voters would be “disappointed” that the Liberal Democrats selected the ex-MP as a candidate, despite accusations of anti-Semitism. Ward wassubsequently barred from standing again for the party, and many congratulated Theresa May for standing up against xenophobic sentiment.

Yet later that very same day, the Conservative party effectively condoned prejudice by selecting Zac Goldsmith – a man who ran what has roundly been described as an Islamophobic campaign for the Mayor of London (an approach he continued after the election ended, denying any racism) – to run as its MP.

MORE:   http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/islamophobia-conservatives-theresa-may-time-she-addressed-it-a7715216.html

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