Boris Johnson’s foreign policy in Syria is based on wishful thinking

Johnson spoke grandly of using ‘submarine-based cruise missiles in the Med’ against Assad to support Trump, but in fact Britain’s capacity to do anything militarily effective is very limited

There is nothing surprising in Boris Johnson saying that it would be difficult for the UK not to join US military action in Syriaagainst President Bashar al-Assad’s forces in response to a chemical weapons attack. Since the Second World War British governments have been trying to strengthen the UK’s status as the most important military ally of the US. But after 9/11 this obeisance became more craven and knee-jerk, despite producing failed British military ventures in Iraq and Afghanistan.

With the Trump administration in power in the US, these British efforts to prove to Washington the usefulness and reliability of its links to the UK have become ever more desperate. Britain’s departure from a major alliance like the EU, and likely confrontation with it over the terms of Brexit, is bound to make Britain less of a power in the world. It therefore needs to foster closer relations with Trump’s America along with an unsavoury list of countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.


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