In Israel, Muslims Hold ‘American Idol’-Style Call-To-Prayer Contest

Source: NPR


Muslims in Israel held an American Idol-style competition for young men who chant the call to prayer. It was held in protest of an Israeli effort to quiet the calls in the early morning hours.


Some Muslims in Israel recently held an “American Idol”-style contest for the best teen muezzin. That’s the person who chants the call to prayer. Muslims are a minority in Israel, and the contest served as a sort of protest.


These calls to prayer ring out from mosques often through loudspeakers five times a day beginning in the early morning. Israel’s prime minister says he’s gotten complaints about them. There’s support in Parliament to silence or control their volume.

SHAPIRO: That brings us back to that contest. NPR’s Daniel Estrin went to see it in the city of Jaffa.

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