Malala is ‘humbled’ by honorary Canadian citizenship

Malala and Justin Trudeau

Malala Yousufzai with PM Justin Trudeau. This news is courtesy of Zakaria Virk and Dr. Amtul Qadoos Farhat, our Muslim Times’ Editors for Canada

Source: BBC

Nobel Peace prize laureate Malala Yousafzai says she is “humbled” to become the sixth person to receive an honorary Canadian citizenship.

At 19, she is also the youngest ever person to receive the honour.

During the official ceremonies in Ottawa, she called on Canadian politicians to use their influence to help fund education for girls worldwide, including refugees.

Ms Yousafzai is a global advocate for women’s rights and education.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised Ms Yousafzai for her advocacy, calling her “the newest and possibly bravest citizen of Canada”.

The Pakistani schoolgirl activist was originally meant to receive her citizenship in October 2014, an honour bestowed on her under former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper’s government.

That event was cancelled when it coincided with the shooting death of a ceremonial guard Nathan Cirillo and an attack on Parliament by gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.

Soldier killed in Canada shootings

Malala spoke of the attack in her address said in an address to legislators in the Canadian Parliament on Wednesday. Many in the audience were in Ottawa that day.

“The man who attacked Parliament Hill called himself a Muslim,” she said. “But he did not share my faith.”

She said he instead shared the same hatred as the man who allegedly shot six people at a Quebec City mosque in January, the attacker who killed six people in London in March, and the Taliban gunmen who in 2012 shot her for defying their ban on girls attending school in her native Pakistan.

“These men have tried to divide us and destroy our democracies, our freedom of religion, our right to go to school. But we – and you – refuse to be divided,” she said.

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malala 3

Malala leaves the Canadian Parliament after receiving the citizenship

2 replies

  1. Would the Muslim fundamentalist focus on, how hair are not fully covered in Malala’s picture above or focus on the larger issues of women rights, women education or why the Muslims are in a sorry state, where in despite being God chosen ones almost each one of them in the Muslim majority countries would rather be a Canadian citizens?

    Why do not we learn from the civic values of Canada, which we do applaud when we see them?

  2. Dear Zia
    I am happy and proud that the person, I am writing about hails from the country – Pakistan – as I do and secondly, she works tirelessly for the education of girls worldwide, including refugees.
    So to hell with Mullahs, terrorists and conservative voices among 1.8 billion Muslims in the world.
    By the way, I have not seen any statement from these so-called “Muslim fundamentalists” in the media so let us not spoil the happy news for Malala, me, you and majority of the Muslims by giving too much importance to these braindead opponents of progress and real Islam.

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