Watch: Trump holds press conference with Jordan’s King Abdullah II

[The stream has ended.]

President Donald Trump held a joint press conference with Jordan’s King Abdullah II on Wednesday afternoon, where he condemned an alleged chemical attack in Syria but did not detail how he would respond.

At the news conference, the pair of leaders addressed the massacre in Syria that killed dozens, including children, according to NBC News. Both men harshly criticized the attack, again pinning the blame on not only Syrian President Bashar Assad but also his the policies of his predecessor President Barack Obama.

The Syrian government has denied that it had a role in the attack.

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Trump says Syria attack ‘crossed a lot of lines,’ but won’t say how he’ll respond

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  1. My personal comments: (please note this is not TMT’s ‘official’ comment!): 1. It is childish to keep blaming Obama. 2. Chemical attack. No one seems to be interested in proof, who really did it? where did the gas come from? where was it manufactures? who passed it into Syria? 3. One point I agree with President Trump: It is not necessary to tell the press in advance what he would do militarily. 4. terrorists. They did not come out of the blue. The US and others helped them along. Only to say that we have to finish terrorism without solving the problems of who created them is (nearly) useless.

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