Show this to anyone who says Muslims don’t condemn terror attacks

counter terror on Thames

The Muslim Times has an extensive collection of articles on the subject of counter terrorism

Source: Independent

The Muslim Council of Britain – representing hundreds of thousands of Muslims nationally, were amongst the first to condemn the “cowardly and depraved” terror attack in London that left four people – including a policeman – dead.

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  1. Media is a joke and puppet of government. They only show news which gains them TRP ratings and views. They aren’t interested in showing over 100s of Muslims butchered by USA or allies or terrorists every day since 9/11 or the protest against the terrorism by Muslims. They hardly cover it or just ingore the cries of Muslim world as scapegoat.

  2. What I understand that those Muslims who know their ideology , can’t be honest in condemning such activities because their ideology is waiting for the time when kafirs would have only two options , either they will embrace Islam or will be killed . How can those people having this faith , be sincere in condemning the murder of kafirs ? If they are really sincere against such barbaric and heinous crimes , they must condemn their Islam which is opening the door for violence . They must accept that their faith can be everything but true Islam .

  3. Ahmadiyya jamaat is always stood against terrorism happening every where in the world, because they believe Islam is religion of Peace and love, not hatred.
    This act shows solidarity with the people of London..

  4. It’s a matter of fact that Ahmadiyya Muslim community always promote love and peace in every city and in every country as it’s the true teaching of Islam.

  5. Ahmadiyya Muslim community under the divine guidance of Khilafat is the only community that promotes peace , love and harmony.
    Ahmadiyya Muslim community condemns terrorism of any form.

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