As an American Muslim and interfaith leader here in SFO Bay Area, I find Mr. Trump’s statement on national TV “ISLAM HATES US” very troubling . Much like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and several faiths, Islam does not teach hate. Quran does not speak in such terms and language that would create hare. As a true Christian Mr. Trump must know better.

Throughout the Holy Quran what we hear repeatedly is Allah is Gracious, the Merciful, Kind, Forgiving and Loving and to treat humanity with love and respect. Service to humanity is an integral part of the Islamic faith that cannot be carried out with dignity if Islam teaches us to hate anyone. It requires us to rise above hatred, anger, jealousy and wrong doings to serve humanity and tap into out inner self for best qualities to serve mankind.

In this regard to serving humanity Muslims are inspired that they are best qualified to do this job of serving humanity. This mission of Islam alone coupled with copies examples from lives of thousands of prominent Muslims and most significantly Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad must inevitably impress upon Mr. Trump that Islam does not teach hate and does not hate him or anyone.

American Muslim leaders as head honchos of UMA (United Muslims of America), the ICNA, ISNA and CAIR  as well as the Zaytuna College in Berkeley must make a united effort and invite Mr. Trump to help him understand that Islam does not teach hatred that Islam is truly a religion of peace.

Mr. Trump our national leader 

Mr. Trump should realize he is no longer a Republican candidate: he is now our national leader and President for all Americans  As such we owe him our respect and need to help him achieve goals to keep America secure, safe and continually progressing.

His accusation that ISLAM HATES US drives a wedge between American Muslims and the rest of the Americans. Given the Republican’s bullying attitude right across the board Mr. Trump’s statements about Muslims and their religion Islam can drive  unwanted hate and discord. As our President Mr. Trump must change his narrative about Islam and reassure Americans that islam is a religion of “peace and love”


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  1. Mr Trump is pragmatic. He has no theological clue what so ever. And therefore no reason to speak like that. But he does. Speak is what he do even he doesn’t have a clue sometimes.
    What he possibly can see, from his point of view is the Israel/Palestine-question. Even the deaf herd of that. Then there’s the wars. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria (Call it liberation or whatever but it’s military doing what they’re told abroad.) The one thing in common for all the “bad people”is that they possibly are Muslims. But all the “bad people” acts from their conviction. Ideology, politic views or hiding behind religion. Trump that don’t seem to be interested in the mechanisms makes the huge mistake to call out all the Muslims.
    I’ve herd of children bullied in schools, Sikhs shot at, mosques burning and America don’t react. It becomes a structural problem and must be met as such.

    Educate people. Most of all I’d like a respected scholar to visit Trump and lay it out. He spoke badly about many agencies but as he has visited them things have come clear to him. Americas Muslims and wise non-Muslims should come together and put an end to the hatred.
    I’m sorry for all that suffer from ignorance. All Muslims targeted and the ones believed to be Muslims.

  2. Mr. Trump could not distinguish between Islam and general Muslims . Of course , Islam being a true religion , it does not teach hatred . But it is also true that Muslims don’t like America because of its closeness with Israel . Pakistani government takes aid and help from America and Pakistani people come outside against the same country , and shout anti America slogans .

  3. Well it certainly sometimes does seem like it with all the atrocities done to non-muslims in the name of Islam.
    Like in Finland muslim immigrants are statistically 13 times more likely to commit rape than the natives.
    And how do they justify it for themselves? A: The prophet did it too.

    (The court verdicts are btw public information so anyone with enough time can verify it.)

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