From the Algerian Press: Security Services Arrest 25 youth, Elders Of Ahmadiyya Followers



icon-writerMourad.B/English version: Dalila Henac

Research and investigation team dismantled, in coordination with other units of the National Gendarmerie, in Biskra (southern Algeria), on Sunday, a network that is affiliated with the Ahmadiyya community, which is made up of 25 people who are from Biskra and Batna (eastern Algeria), and aged between 23 and 68 years old.

Leadership of the gendarmerie group revealed that those arrested were arrested in possession of various quantities of publications, computers and CD-ROMs which contain videos of glorifying the Ahmadiyya leader and followers abroad, having subjected all their houses to strict inspection, with the permission of the prosecutor, as the process was done in coordination with the judicial services.

The process of arresting followers of the Ahmadiyya community, followed a track of suspicious movements of some of the individuals who were arrested several months ago in the province.

Security investigations revealed on the existence of relationships between these people, who follow the Ahmadiyya community, as they receive their counterparts from Batna and Ziban region for the purpose of establishing rites and prayers that are different to the Islamic religion rites.

Security sources reported that those arrested in the case live in various municipalities of the province, and they were all under surveillance and tracking to arrest them while having publications and proofs.

Ahmadiyya followers were leading rituals and prayers that are contrary to Islam every time in the house of one of their members to ward off suspicion, as they tried to reach out to all people who feel comfortable to join them.

Ahmadiyya community members were charged with committing a felony of printing and publishing publications without license, and the misdemeanor of supply, distribution and sale of foreign publications that are harming the national interest, and the management of a misdemeanor of creation an association that is not authorized by law pending the submission of members of the cell before justice, after the end of the ongoing investigations in the case.


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  1. Reading the article carefully we note: First of all the Security Services of Algeria seem not to have observed the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community during prayers. They would have noticed that the prayers are exactly the same as any other Muslim prayers. Even if it were not: The Holy Qur’an states ‘there is no compulsion in religion’. Consequently arresting someone praying is definitely against the laws of Islam. (May Allah have mercy on those who break these laws, especially the ones claiming to do so in the name of Islam). Furthermore the careful readers will note that all other actions, having literature of the Jama’at etc. will not result in any charges in any ‘civilized’ society.

  2. They are talking about proof. Proof of what? And where in the Holy Qur’an, as they claim they are following it, does it allow these National Security to spy and arrest people having publications and printing as well as praying.

    Have these ‘officials’ read these publications and observed these innocent Ahmadies praying?

    Sounds like the Pakistani and Saudi mullahs have managed to shut off the brains and sensibilities of the Algerian ‘authorities’, and are spreading their cancerous and opinions to them. May Allah save our Jama’at members and give them patience to overcome these trials, Ameen.

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