Trump Blasts ‘Unprecedented Judicial Overreach’ by Courts Blocking Travel Ban

Source: Time

Mar 16, 2017

President Donald Trump blasted a federal judge’s temporary restraining order preventing the enforcement of key sections of his latest travel ban, calling it “an unprecedented judicial overreach.”

Speaking at a campaign rally in Nashville Wednesday evening just hours after a Hawaii judge blocked his executive order restricting travel from six Muslim-majority countries and suspending the nation’s refugee program, Trump lashed out at the courts, suggesting the ruling was a political act.

“You don’t think that this was done by a judge for political reasons, do you,” Trump asked, before drawing out a dramatic and sarcastic, “Noooo.”

“This ruling makes us look weak,” Trump said of the latest judicial rebuke, as a crowd of supporters booed the judge’s order. Trump promised to appeal the “terrible” ruling, even up to the Supreme Court. The White House has maintained that federal immigration law grants presidents the ability to close off immigration from certain countries.

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    • He’s beginning to sound like so many dictators in the world who have the Judiciary at their beck and call. In fact, he’d fit in pretty well in of those so-called ‘banana republics’ that he is so fond of criticising.

      • His speech is becoming more and more authoritarian….kinda reminds of of Samoza of Nicaragua in the 80’s or Noriega of Panama…have a good Saturday….chuq

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