March 16, 2017 HyderabadNews,   siasat.com . exploitation


In an appalling incident, a woman from Sanathnagar in the city was pushed off the third floor of a building by her employer in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Both her legs got fractured while she suffered injuries in the back. In a video she made a tearful appeal to rescue her from the ‘Kafeel’ (employer) who allegedly attempted to murder her.

45-year-old, Haseena Begum, who had gone to Saudi Arabia in 2016, was working as a maid there. Her son Mohammed Wajid told that his mother went to Saudi Arabia to make the family’s life better. Through she was promised Rs. 1600 Riyal a month, she was not paid a single riyal by her employer. When she fled from the employer’s house to escape from his harassment, he brought her back to his house and as a punishment pushed her from the third floor. She was admitted to a local hospital at Dammam.

A local agent Jani Mia had helped her secure the maid visa.

MBT leader Amjadullah Khan told media that the local agents are luring poor people to Saudi Arabia making false promises. He demanded that the Telangana police take serious action against them.


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2 replies

  1. this is total disregard by the Saudi employer. I feel sorry for the women, who went to Arabia to better her family life. She was not paid a single penny, this is outright exploitation. If there is a punishable crime under the law, employer should be have hands cut off, for pushing her off the 3rd floor. would he punished? would she get paid lost wages? no never, so much for the Sharia law in Arabia.

  2. Disgusting! In fact, he should be charged with exploitation and attempted murder…., but will he with ‘selective’ sharia law that S.A. applies?!

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