Amid Islamophobia and travel bans, one mosque offers a lesson in caring

Source: Washington Post

March 6
The mosque in a squat, brick industrial park in Northern Virginia was bustling Saturday morning.Women in springtime-colored hijab walked through the door. Women with no headscarves, too. There were old men, a couple speaking Spanish and 3-year-old redheaded twins who whirled like little tornadoes through all the rooms.

And yes, some were from the very countries whose residents the Trump administration — once again — wants to ban from entering the United States. Because who knows what they are doing in those mosques?

Let’s take a look.

When you walk into the mosque’s offices, you see a large mural with Arabic writing translated into English: “Peace Be Upon You,” it says.

Deeper inside, there is a cavernous prayer room carpeted in red. But when the azan, the call to prayer, sounded, no one moved from the mosque’s offices. They were worshiping at the house of Metformin, Amoxicillin and Lisinopril.

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