Officials Arrest Former Reporter In 8 Bomb Threats On Jewish Community

Source:The Huffington Post

The FBI is searching for more suspects in the dozens of calls to Jewish institutions around the nation.

Juan M. Thompson, shown here in a screenshot from a YouTube video filmed for The Intercept, was arrested in Missouri on Friday in connection with threats on Jewish community centers across the country.
  • Juan M. Thompson was arrested in Missouri on a federal cyberstalking charge.
  • He allegedly made eight bomb threats to Jewish institutions. The FBI is still looking for suspects in dozens of other incidents.
  • In February 2016, he was fired as a reporter from The Intercept for falsifying sources and quotes.

A former journalist is accused of making eight bomb threats to Jewish institutions in an attempt to harass a former girlfriend, according to the FBI and the publication.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation worked with the New York Police Department and New York State Police to arrest Juan Thompson Friday morning in St. Louis, Missouri, on one count of cyberstalking, according to an FBI press release. Thompson, 31, allegedly stalked a woman by making the threats in her name to Jewish community centers and the Anti-Defamation League’s New York headquarters, court documents said. The charge carries a maximum of five years in prison.

The FBI is still investigating the waves of calls to Jewish community centers across the country, spokeswoman Samantha Shero told The Huffington Post. They have not identified the suspect or suspects who made the more than 100 threats.

Thompson’s first alleged threat came nine days after the first wave of bomb threats hit JCCs across the country. The majority of those bomb threats ― which as of Friday add up to at least 103 at 77 Jewish community centers and nine Jewish schools ― have come in five waves. Thompson made his final threat on Feb. 20, according to court documents. Twelve centers received threats that same day, but authorities consider the cases unrelated.

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