I feel torn about ‘Extremely British Muslims’ – it’s not perfect, but at least it’s making an effort

At the Q&A with the producers, director and some of the participants, we were told how difficult it was to find Muslims who were willing to participate in the documentary. That didn’t come as a surprise

Remember that time when Fox News Pundit and “terrorism expert” Steve Emerson designated Birmingham as a “totally Muslim city” and went on to add that there are religious police who actually beat those who don’t dress according to “Muslim attire”? Well, guess what happened? A group of shirt and trouser-wearing filmmakers (because Muslims only wear clothes woven out of halal jelly-beans – I think that’s what Muslim attire is?) entered the alleged Muslim-only city and didn’t only leave unscathed but left with hours’ worth of footage about those very people!

Although, admittedly, Steve Emerson’s comments were made two years ago and he has since acknowledged the absurdity of them, these outlandish views are not isolated. Regrettably, fears of British Muslims and their supposedly segregated lives routinely dominate the news agenda in both the US and the UK.

A group of Channel 4 producers set out to dispel such ideas and created a series called Extremely British Muslims, which aired this week. … more …

more:   http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/extremely-british-muslims-muslim-documentary-channel-4-islam-not-perfect-a7610356.html

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