‘He’s blue’: Louisville rattled by 151 overdoses in 4 days

Source: CNN

By Sonia Moghe and Wayne Drash,

Louisville, Kentucky (CNN)Ben Neal’s laptop lights up with emergency calls. A paramedic and supervisor with Louisville Metro Emergency Medical Services, Neal activates the siren on his silver SUV and races off, weaving his way through Sunday traffic.

Someone is in cardiac arrest and needs immediate attention.
Neal pulls into a neighborhood dotted with family homes and playsets in the backyards. A church sits on the corner. The sign out front reads “Heroin is a Sickness, and Jesus is the Cure.”
The call, it turns out, isn’t a cardiac arrest but another overdose — part of the growing opioid epidemic taking hold of this Kentucky city of 766,000 people. And this has been an especially busy few days already, with 118 overdose calls over a 72-hour period beginning Thursday.
Neal gets out of his truck and points to a group of people standing on the porch of a home, talking to EMS and police officers. First responders already administered a dose of naloxone, the opioid blocker known for reviving people on the brink of death.

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