Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association’s #MeetAMuslim campaign comes to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Source: http://www.tmj4.com/news/local-news/meetamuslim-campaign-comes-to-uwm

4:38 PM, Feb 15, 2017
6:52 PM, Feb 15, 2017

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Young Muslims across the country are opening themselves up to questions, by standing with signs that say “Meet a Muslim.”

The hashtag has been spread hundreds of times on social media and on Wednesday, the campaign came to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

“There are questions that need to be asked and we’re here to answer them,” said Masroor Ahmad, a volunteer with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association.

He, along with other association members stood in the UWM Student Union for an hour on Wednesday with whiteboards that said “I’m Muslim, ask me anything.”

“They’re asking us questions like can you eat pork? Do you celebrate Christmas? What is Allah? Do you believe in Jesus Christ?” Ahmad said. “It’s just these very basic questions that goes to show that a lot of Americans don’t really know what Islam is about and we’re here to show them and answer those questions.”

He says they’re also not afraid to discuss more serious topics, like terrorism.

UWM freshman Kevin Brings stopped to talk with them on… read more at source.

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