Here’s How To Become a Morning Person

Source: Time

By Laura Vanderkam

You have grand ambitions: to start a business, to write a book. But chances are you work long hours, or household responsibilities consume your days. By the time you finish all you have to do, you have no energy for anything you want to do beyond turning on the TV.

Yet some busy people do make time for their priorities. What’s their secret?

They do them first. They get up early. Earlier than they have to. They use the time before work for something other than just getting ready for work. Morning by morning, they make progress on what matters, and often achieve as much before breakfast as other people do in a day.

It’s not exactly fun to forego the snooze button, but these early hours are often the best time to do things for yourself, before everyone else demands attention. With a little schedule reorganization, becoming a morning person is more doable than you think.

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