The future of Europe

Source: The Independent

By Laiq Ahmed Atif, who is president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta

Recently Malta hosted a summit with European leaders about the need to stem migration through the Mediterranean and to discuss the future of Europe. Last year the Britain voted in favour of Brexit. The post Brexit situation and issues related to it has now become a very important concern all over the world and particularly in the European Countries. The European Countries are also now discussing what the future of Europe will be. Has the European Union proved to be an institution of prosperity and strength for the 500 million people who make part of the EU?

In December 2012, the Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Hazrat, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, made his first visit to the European Parliament in Brussels where he delivered a keynote address in which he highlighted many important issues and spoke about the formation of European Union. He said: “The formation of the European Union has been a great achievement on the part of European countries, for it has been a means of uniting the Continent. Thus, you should make all possible efforts to preserve this unity, by honouring each other’s rights. The fears and worries held by members of the public must be removed. To protect each other’s society, you should be willing to accept fair and just demands of one another, and of course, there should be fair and just demands by the people of each and every country.

“Remember that the strength of Europe lies in its remaining united and together as one. Such unity will not only benefit you here in Europe, but also at a global level for this Continent to maintain its strength and influence.”

I think this message is very strong, and undoubtedly, “United we stand, divided we fall.” Today, when the world has emerged as a global village, the unity of European countries will definitely be instrumental for strength and prosperity of its people and the member states.

At the Malta summit, French President François Hollande also stressed that for an influential EU, unity is the key factor. He said: “We must have a European conception of our future. If not, there will be – in my opinion – no Europe and not necessarily any way for each of the countries to be able to exert an influence in the world.”

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