Video: The Millennials in healthcare standing up for coexistence and tolerance in age of Trump

A pledge from Medical Students to maintain our values of compassion, inclusion and evidenced based decision making, despite the current political climate; and to resist policies which negatively impact our future patients.

The Muslim Times’ Chief Editor’s comments:

Millennials are the most open minded and color blind generation among the US generations. They are the least racist and xenophobic when compared to the baby boomers and the generation Y.

Millennials are least religious and a third of them do not identify with any religion but if they can maintain their spirituality and awe for the Divine and stay away from Marijuana, alcohol and drugs then our future in USA is bright.

They have a contempt for organized religion and that may be healthy as long as they can find suitable anchors in life to stay focused on positive and good as defined by the best human consciences across continents and across generations and not slip into chaos along a slippery slope.

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