Germany moves 100 tonnes of its gold from New York to Frankfurt

Source: The Local

Germany’s central bank said on Thursday it sped up the process of bringing its gold home from foreign vaults in 2016, moving more than 200 tonnes from New York and Paris.

The Bundesbank relocated some 216 tonnes of the precious metal to its headquarters in Frankfurt last year, including 111 tonnes from New York and 105 from Paris.

That amount was a slight increase over the 2015 total of 210 tonnes, while 2014 saw 120 tonnes moved and 2013 just 37 tonnes.

During the Cold War, the Bundesbank kept much of its reserves outside the country for fear of Soviet invasion.

Scares that there might be less gold in the foreign vaults, that the ingots stored abroad might be tampered with, or that Germany might not be able to retrieve its gold have long been a feature of politics.

But the Bundesbank finally launched a relocation programme after authorities demanded more transparency about how much gold it held and where during Europe’s debt crisis.

Its plan calls for the majority of the stock to be held in Germany by 2020, including all of the bank’s remaining gold in Paris.


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