Russia and Turkey hand Assad a ‘win-win’ scenario

Source: Asia Times:

After five long years of war and bloodshed, Syria’s Assad is not only standing as ‘the leader’ of the country but the international support for him has also increased. Thanks to Russia’s and Iran’s continuous support. The extent and the effectiveness of the support these countries have provided is evident from the way Syria’s erstwhile rival, Turkey, has turned into a supporter.

Notwithstanding the fact that Turkey’s ‘change of heart’ is also a result of its bad relations with the US and EU, a fundamental change in its stance still reflects the attention Turkey is paying to the new regional realities, which are in turn being largely shaped by Russia.

Russia’s military presence, that is to say, has not only become a strong pillar of support for Assad, it has also turned into a useful counter-balancing chip that countries like Turkey—still a NATO member—can use against its ‘new rivals.’ Hence, Turkey-Russia détente and subsequent joint strikes in Syria.


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