Muslim-Owned Eatery Offers Free Food To Anyone Who Needs It


The best of Montreal, Canada. The restaurant has the best approach to serve humanity and tackle Islamophobia. Actions speak louder than the words!

Source: Huffington Post

Elyse Wanshel; Associate Editor, Trends, The Huffington Post

A small restaurant is giving with a big heart.

Marché Ferdous, a Muslim-owned eatery in Montreal, hands out free meals to anyone who is hungry and can’t afford to pay. And it does this entirely based on good faith.

“We do not ask any questions, we do not judge people,” co-owner Yahya Hashemi told Global News. “They want to eat, [we] give them the food. That’s it, that’s all.”

Hashemi and his staff came up with the idea in the fall of 2015 after noticing a large number of homeless people in the neighborhood. The staff figured that instead of giving those individuals spare change, they would offer them a free warm meal.

The free meals may not even hurt the restaurant’s bottom line.

“It doesn’t matter,” Abdelkader Bejaoui, chef at Marché Ferdous, told CTV News. “Because at night, if you still have leftover food, you end up throwing it [out]. So why not give it to those in need? It’s not a big deal.”

Soon after Marché Ferdous made its charitable decision, the staff posted a sign in the front window informing passers-by that food was available to anyone in need.

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