‘Victimizing Me All Over Again’: San Bernardino Victims Fight for Treatment

Source: The New York Times


A year after a terrorist’s bullets ripped through her, after so many operations and infections she has lost count, Valerie Kallis-Weber has a paralyzed left hand, painful bone and bullet fragments in her pelvis, psychological trauma and tissue damage, including a fist-size gouge in her thigh where a bullet tore away the muscle.

Ms. Kallis-Weber, a survivor of the shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., that left 14 people dead and 22 seriously injured, still faces a long, hard road to reach something like recovery. She needs more operations, she relies on a home health aide, and her doctors want her to get physical and occupational therapy to relearn to use her arms and legs.

“I can’t type, I can’t put a bra on, I can’t cut a steak, I can’t drive, I can’t do laundry, I can’t wrap a present, I can’t put my shoes and socks on, I can’t do much walking or standing or sitting,” she said. “I need help with everything.”

But the visits from the health aide have been reduced, and she has been told they will end soon. Approval of her antidepressant medication was withdrawn. Her occupational therapy was cut off, and her physical therapy stopped, restarted and stopped again.

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