Why grabbing bags during a plane emergency is dangerous

Here are are some of the plane-related headlines that caught our attention… or left us scratching our heads:

When your plane’s on fire, leave your luggage

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When an American Airlines plane caught fire Friday 28 October at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, scrambling passengers broke one of the cardinal rules of aeroplane safety: They reached for their luggage. All 161 Miami-bound passengers exited the aircraft safely (twenty were treated for minor injuries), but a handful of greedy flyers made the process more difficult — and dangerous — when they reached for their personal effects.

“Studies show that the likelihood of a cabin being consumed by fire increases significantly after 90 seconds,” aviation expert Ashley Nunes told BBC News in August.

“An initial statement by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said the plane had burst a tyre, but that information was later deleted from the statement,” BBC News reported Saturday.

A passenger aboard the plane tweeted a video — which went viral but has since been removed from Twitter and YouTube — of the evacuation process, which shows passengers reaching for bags in overhead compartments as fellow passengers desperately try to exit the aircraft.

World Series, as seen from above

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A handful of unfortunate baseball fans stuck midair were treated to a silver lining of sorts as their planes flew over Cleveland’s Progressive Field during the final game of the World Series. Kasey Goodpaster was on a Cleveland-bound flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, when she captured the the glowing image of the game below, taken during the ninth inning of the seventh and final game. “The atmosphere on the plane was really excited”, she said in a Facebook message. “Lots of cheering and score announcements over the intercom.”

The Chicago Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians, ending a 108-year drought for the winning team, which was said to have been cursed.

Goodpaster said the plane landed just in time for passengers to watch the end of the game from the ground.

Make plane water great again

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Don’t drink the water. Don’t even drink the coffee. Plane water, which is often used to brew onboard coffee and tea, is full of bacteria, according to an EPA study. US-based AquiSense Technologies is aiming to make plane water safe for human consumption, though, with an LED system meant to disinfect the water, blocking “contamination coming from the piping and diminishes the need for residual disinfection chemicals”, a recent travelskills.com article describes. The company told travelskills.com that the LED filters will be tested on board select flights in 2017.

There is, of course, the option to drink bottled water if it’s available.

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