Ahmadiyya Caliph says new mosques will be open to people of all religions

Windsorstar.com:  The spiritual leader of the world’s Ahmadiyya Muslims says the new mosques in Saskatoon and Regina will be open to people of all religious groups.

The Caliph, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, is in Saskatoon to meet with members of the Muslim community, including Syrian refugees and the local Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’ at. On Tuesday morning, he also met with members of the media at Prarieland Park.

His visit coincides with the inauguration of Regina’s first purpose-built mosque on Friday. The Caliph will be attending the event.

“If a mosque is a House of God and you are God’s creation, why should we stop you (from) entering a mosque?”

He says that, as far as worship is concerned, mosques are open for everybody who worships “one omnipotent God.”

“It is now very common that we make some adjacent halls with the mosque, which are not a part of the main mosque hall, but adjacent to the mosque hall. Even in Calgary it’s the same thing. There, even other religious groups come and hold their functions.

“If we are permitted to go to the Church to offer our prayer, why can’t we ask others to come to pray in our mosques?”



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