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  1. Dan Bahat, former city archaeologist of Jerusalem, told National Geographic: “We may not be absolutely certain that the site of the Holy Sepulchre Church is the site of Jesus burial, but we certainly have no other site that can lay a claim nearly as weighty, and we really have no reason to reject the authenticity of the site.”
    Surprising to note this claim by such a leaned man. Founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community since 127 years has claimed the tomb of Jesus in Srinagar Kashmir India. After deliverance from Cross he was healed and migrated towards Afghanistan and Kashmir in search of last tribes of Jews. He accomplished his mission and died natural death at the age of 120 years. Another very authenticated documentary film from Government of India also points in same direction. So it is not correct to say, “we certainly have no other site that can lay a claim nearly as weighty”. The Muslimtime, an international blog has all such collections and those interested can research easily.

    • This tomb in Jerusalem could still be the tomb where Jesus was taken from the cross, alive, to be treated with herbs. (The permanent tomb being in Kashmir)

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