With baby Waleed, Gaza population reaches 2 million

Enclave could be ‘unliveable’ by 2020 — UN

By AFP – Oct 12,2016 – JORDAN TIMES


Three-day old new-born Waleed lies wrapped in blankets at his family’s home in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah on Wednesday (AFP photo)


GAZA, Palestine — The two millionth person has been born in Gaza, with the birth of a baby boy named Waleed officially recognised as reaching the milestone in the densely populated Palestinian territory.

“There are now more than two million residents in the Gaza Strip after the baby Waleed Shaath was born last night in Rafah in southern Gaza,” interior ministry spokesman Iyad Bezm told AFP on Wednesday.

The ministry said the population of the Gaza Strip was now 50.66 per cent male and 49.34 per cent female.

The 2,000,001st person, a girl named Lana Ayad, was born shortly afterwards.

Gaza, a tiny enclave squeezed between Egypt, Israel and the Mediterranean Sea and just 12 kilometres across at its widest point, has one of the highest population densities in the world, according to the United Nations.

The territory could be “unliveable” by 2020, the UN said last year, due in large part to “high population density and overcrowding”.

Socioeconomic conditions in Gaza today are currently “at their lowest point since 1967”, when Israel seized the territory from Egypt in the Six-Day War, the report said.

Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005, but has maintained a blockade on the territory run by Hamas for a decade, while Egypt has also closed its border in recent years.

Israel argues the blockade is necessary to prevent the entry of material that could be used for military purposes, though UN officials have called for it to be lifted.

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