Amid Growing pressure GOP calls Trump to withdraw

Source: Times of Israel

The latest explosive revelation marked a tipping point for some party loyalists, while forcing vulnerable Republican candidates to answer a painful question: Even if they condemn Trump’s vulgar comments, will they still vote for him? Many Republican officials refused to answer their phones, while others canceled scheduled television interviews to avoid the subject altogether. “It’s over,” said Republican strategist Terry Sullivan, who previously led Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign. “The only good news is that in 30 days Trump will be back to being just a former reality TV star like the Kardashians, and Republican candidates across America will no longer be asked to respond to his stupid remarks.” Some Trump loyalists defiantly defended their nominee.“I still have my Trump sign on my yard and everybody on my street does too,” said Pennsylvania GOP chairman Rob Gleason. “It’s business as usual, with door-knocking today.”


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  1. Oh my God, after knowing all this if he is still contender and US people support him than no one can help Americans.

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