Italy: Advise of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to the biased Italian MEP, Magdi Allam


Some Advice for an Italian MEP


by Aasim Ahmad

It was reported by London’s Express that Magdi Allam, an Italian MEP, believes that mosques are Islam’s cancer and that mosques are used to promote and manufacture terrorists.  Coming from an Italian MEP, this is a fascinating comment uniquely rooted in manifest falsehood and ignorance.  Although we can easily agree with Mr. Allam that preaching hate in any environment is ill advised as it jeopardizes the pursuit of a just and peaceful society, it is interesting that Allam’s solution to hate is to preach hate.

In any event, having been a Muslim, it is unfortunate that Allam failed to educate himself on true Islam and the purpose of a mosque. A mosque or masjid is a building where Allah is worshipped.  Thus, it is no ordinary building and is certainly not to be used to preach hate; rather, a masjid is to be used only for those activities categorized as worshipping or remembering Allah.  Simply put, if there is hate being preached in a building, that building is not a mosque.  Mr. Allam should accuse those hate preachers of failing to live up to their own faith.  

The irony is that there is a unified global Muslim community whose mosques fly the banner of “Love for All Hatred for None.”  It is quite the opposite of hate speech.  This community continuously speaks out about True Islam to dispel false associations.  In fact, the True Islam campaign was started by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to root out extremist ideology.  However, it would appear Mr. Allam has not heard these calls and continues to support and validate the hate preachers.  The Ahmadiyya Community is awaiting Mr. Allam’s endorsement of True Islam so we can together take the offensive against extremists.  

If nothing else, Mr. Allam should follow the guidance the Catholic spiritual leader, the Pope, who himself has admonished Christians the world over to recognize Islam for what it is: a religion of peace.  Instead of commenting that mosques and Islam are a cancer, perhaps Mr. Allam should support the Ahmadiyya Community and promote the true and unified message of Islam to dispel the false preachers of hate.  

It is indeed a better strategy for all to unite behind those Muslims, such as the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, who, across the globe, are striving hard to practice and preach the True Islam of peace, harmony, and absolute justice.  Ahmadi Muslims gather under the banner of peace to organize blood drives, food drives, and peace symposiums.  Under the guidance of the Khalifa of Islam, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the Ahmadiyya Community continues to dispel false beliefs about Islam.  The Khalifa of Islam promotes the execution of absolute justice, not the execution of men, women and children. 

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